Sunday, May 16, 2010

Carrie, my darling..

I don't know a girl who has not found inspiration in Carrie...She is the woman we all strive to be in one way or another. Independent, beautiful, successful and most importantly.. so fashionably chic! Instyle came out with a fabulous gallery of Carrie's best outfits and I must say it made my day!

Her Roberto Cavalli (1) top was something Carrie found cleaning out her closet and we were so glad she did! With the asymmetrical skirt and the classy up do she is the perfect NYC girl.
Perhaps its because I believe my heart belongs to Paris that my most favorite wardrobe picks were when Carrie was in France...Hello hot boots (2)! And by far the most amazing Sonia Rykiel striped dress (3)- it just screams Parisian fashion. This image makes me want to drop everything and take off to the city of love, eat pastries and smell the incredibly red roses...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Main St.

What are beautiful dress! All I know about it is that it is by a European designer.. that's all I got from its model. Oh well, "you can make it yourself" she said to me. Not sure about duplicating that pattern but I sure can admire these pictures I snapped..