Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Those sexy True Religion Jeans- we all love them. Apparently some of us love it so much that we buy them, even though they are.. FAKE! Shame, shame.
On October 21st, police raided a factory that was counterfeiting not only True Religion Jeans, but also Nike, Ed Hardy, Affliction and Lacoste. 1,000 finished products were confiscated along with 15 sewing machines, 3 eighteen headed embroidery machines, 2 silk screen machines and 1 heat transfer machine. Wow! That's a well funded operation!
After the police got a tip a few weeks back they send someone in "undercover". Long and behold.. it was true. It seems that counterfeiting is heading home, I guess China no longer makes enough to supply the high demand of cheaply made jeans that have a fancy logo on it, If Americans want it, they will get it. Even if they have to make it themselves. Ohoh.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lanvin for H&M

The fabulous house of fashion, Lanvin has announced that they will be the next lucky souls to collaborate with the Swedish retailer, H&M. I cannot express how excited I am about these news! First- I am completely in love with H&M. Second- Lanvin? Only one of the hottest lines currently out there. And to think I will be able to purchase something with "Lanvin for H&M" label on it..never thought this day with come.That is of course, if it doesn't sell out in 2 hours, before I even get there, like it has in the past with other big designers that have partnered up with H&M...

Kevan Hall launches bridal

After years of dressing celebs for their special day, Kevan Hall, one of my favorite LA designers launched his first full bridal collection. On October 15th, Hall presented his beautiful bridal collection at Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier in New York and everyone was at awe. I am excited not only because it is so great that now even the single non celebs can start saving for the couture gown but also because a while back I actually got to meet Hall and chat about his plans for the future. Check out my interview with this talented designer here.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

out and about

Every time my friend Samantha and I are having an off day we have a place where we go to pick ourselves up. We try to think up new and cool things to do, like go painting outside, check out new places to eat, start a crafts project..But somehow we always end up in the same place- Royal T in Culver City. I already mentioned it here, when I first got introduced to it. This weekend I put on my new brogues and we set out to check out their new exhibit of Japanese artists and Barbie Dream house display. Not to mention the amazing tea that we order two pots of as soon as we get seated...Needless to say, our day got a whole lot better.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Love my sox

Currently I am going through a sock stage, where I run straight to the sock section no matter what the actual reason was that I walked into the store.. " Got to check if they have cute socks.." Mostly, I am attracted to knee highs since they look super cute with shorts, over tights and even with dresses. I picked a few to show you and these you can find here.
I also love getting my sock fix at Forever21, they have cheap options that will allow you to have plenty to choose from when it comes to matching (or mismatching in my case) any outfit.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The wine country

My first time in Napa went just the way I imagined it. beautiful vineyards, great food and of course most amazing wine! My favorite place was in Helena, the very friendly people at Charles Krug made me feel like home and made it hard for us to leave..