Saturday, February 13, 2010

Christian goes with the times

Ahhh, New York Fashion Week.. how I wish you and I were having an affair this season! Unfortunately I am not there to see you everyday (still speaking to you, NYFW) But I promise I am following you on every possible site, blog, magazine, show..
What a year, eh? Some pretty tough times has hit the majority of the population in the recent months. But winter will be over soon and then we will have the fabulous spring. A time for the snow to melt and the flowers to blossom. A time for new beginnings and hope. For that amazing fresh start many designers have chosen to put their best foot forward. One of them was the adorable newcomer ( is he still considered new??)Christian Siriano. His collection was just what tickles my pickle- blacks, greys, violets, matallics..The dresses were to die for and no where close to being casual. Siriano says, he thinks people have gotten a bit sloppy when it comes to dressing up, and is clearly trying to inspire folks to pull out that lipstick and pull out those high heels. Speaking of shoes, the designer is coming out with a line for Payless shoe stores. Yes, thank goodness at least one designer is with the times...Who can think about buying a 2000 dollar dress when they can't pay rent! The new footwear line is not only incredibly sexy, antique Parisian inspired but also within the affordable price range.

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