Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Phillip Lim

Perhaps I am a tad bit late on this review, since NY Fashion Week was over a while ago and since then we have had Milan and have started Paris. Forgive me, since I don't have the pleasure of actually being in these fashion capitals, I must depend on Videos and images from shows which take a while to scan through.
Alright, enough of the excuses. Phillip Lim was definitely one of my favorites this season! I know, I know- not everyone is a fan of the poncho. However, as you may know I am a sucker for natural colors, browns and greys. Mr. Lim made sure he included all different shades of these hues as well as making the garments loose and flowy. Let's not forget the layers, and lots of them- they don't seem to leave the runways for a few seasons now. Mustard yellow and pink also made an appearance. Purple accents and glitter made it stand out from the usual hippie theme and gold gave it a sense of elegance. As always, Phillip brought in nice romantic motifs that will definitely leave you feeling feminine yet powerful.

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