Friday, August 20, 2010


SEPTEMBER- the most amazing month for the fashion publications. Heck, not only fashion magazines- it seems like even the gardening magazine has a "Fashion Issue" for this great month of transitioning into Fall. This, of course means a great deal of browsing, reading, tearing out pages and making wish lists. I choose NOT to believe that magazines will one day be replaced by electronic issues. I couldn't imagine living without the joy of getting my Vogue and gracefully reading every page, folding the page I left off on, eager to continue like a good romance novel.
This year Vogue does not disappoint with over 700 pages of fab fall fashion and a Halle Berry as the cover girl they don't skip a beat. Elle with its biggest Fashion issue of the year go for the big hit featuring Julia Roberts who stars in Eat Pray Love (based on my favorite book!!!)Ahh, Can't wait to dig in to over 2000 pages of runway looks and great doesn't get any better than that.

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